Toy «Fishing Set TechnoK»t, art. 8133

CategoryEducational Games > Play tables
Art. code8133
Weight1045 g
Dimensions43 х 31 х 27 cm
Package Dimensions44 х 39 х 31.5 cm
About Product

Catch small and bigfish with the"Fishing set TechnoK"! Now games with favorite toys are more interesting. We offer a new, comfy and functional table with big niches. This will be a place for games and creativity, fishing and also a large container for pencils, markers, erasers and other trifles. The table will take an honorable place in each children's playroom.

The table is made of a body with two niches, a cover and legs. Its assembled height is 27 cm, so children can play on the floor or on a carpet. If you need, you can put the body with a cover without legs on a real big table. Pay attention, in this case you can put the legs inside one of the niches.

Thecoveris absolutely smooth, made of a special durable material. Children can also draw on it with water-based markers.

The set includes different accessories for real fishing: a fishing rod with a float, a big fishing net, colored fish and ducks, that are made by blowing method so they are light and float well on the water.

Children have to train and to show great agility if they want to catch fish on the hook. Such games train well great motor skills, attention and coordination. Figures can also be used to learn colors and train counting skills.

In addition to fishing there are many options for table games:

-       drawing with pencils, markers, paints;

-       creativity, games with plasticine, kinetic sand, various crumbly material;

-       pencils, markers and other stationarity storage;

-       games with mosaic, constructions and kitchen utensils;

-       yes, even as a garage for small cars or a house for dolls.

The toyis made of high-quality, safe and odorless materials.

The product is fixed by a color valve. The toy is for kids above 3.

We recommend downloading and printing our original coloring pages with cute animals to try the table immediately.

Instructions Manual