Toy "Swing TechnoK", art. 8119

CategorySeasonal Toys > Swings, slides
Art. code8119
Weight770 g
Dimensions34.5 х 34 х 31 cm
Package Dimensions40 х 40 х 67.5 cm
About Product

adult`s soul depth, when he sees a swing, there is the desire to have these wonderful feelings from our childhood again and again. Love for swings is passed down from generation to generation in all nations.

The new TechnoK swing embodies the most modern trends of ergonomic design and safety for the smallest users, it has a comfy anatomic form and a strong construction. Special attention when modeling this product was given to the safety, that is the child`s fixation and the absence of sharp edges, especially at the end of the seat in front under the legs. In our opinion this is the best product among the whole variety of similar products that are made all over the world. A durable bright rope and reliable fastenings will permit to fix the swing on a crossbeam or on a tree, inside or outside.  

For more safety there is a reliable T-bar that can be raised. The fixators of the bar are under the swing, so it can be raised only by adults. Children can comfortably hold the bar, to feel less fear and more safety. The swing also has a seat belt with fastenings.

Boys and girls will like the bright colors. Nice stickers with animals decorate the toy.

The “Swing TechnoK '' is the most wanted present that will become your child`s favorite toy.

Attention! Do not leave the child in the swing without adult supervision. We invite parents, educators and everyone that will look after children to ATTENTIVELY read the instructions for use and STRICTLY follow the requirements and recommendations!

The toy is made of durable and non-toxic plastic.

The maximum load is 20 kg.

The length of each rope is 2.5 m.

For children above 2.