Toy "Set for the bathroom TechnoK", art. 7617

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Art. code7617
Weight325 g
Dimensions23 х 20.5 х 13 cm
Package Dimensions54 х 38 х 37.5 cm
About Product

Mummiesknowverywell how to transform bathing time into funny and exciting games. “Set for the bathroom TechnoK” will surely help you. Put into the warm water the interesting animals from the set and your child will have a wonderful bath.

The “Set for the bathroom TechnoK” includes different interesting toys for bath and useful leisure. There are soft rubber animals, a duck, a fishing net and a dolphin-shaped watering can.

All toys are packed in the TechnoK organizer, which is a great combination of a functional container for storage in the bathroom and an interesting toy. You can easily wash the toys in the organizer under running water and attach it to the wall. Through the holes, the water drains quickly and the toys dry well. Thanks to this storage, they do not mold, do not get dirty, and are always at hand.

It is also comfortable to keep bath accessoriesin the organizer.

You can also use the figures for education: to study colors, names of animals, to make the first steps in counting. Such games develop fine motor skills, speech, imagination and fantasy. With the “Set for the bathroom TechnoK '' every baby`s bath will be full of joy and exciting adventures.

The toy peculiarities:

·         Thesoft toys are made of a special hypoallergenic material called plastisol, that passed a complex test for the absence of harmful substances and received the appropriate hygienic conclusions of accredited laboratories;

·         toys made of plastisol are soft, durable and pleasant to the touch, without a strong odor;

·         specially designed holes of various shapes are for draining water and drying toys;

·         it can be easily fastened to a wall on suction cups (2 pieces are included in the set);

·         it is made of non-toxic odorless plastic.


Pay attention! After each use, wash the toys under running water and let them dry. Do not use, dry or store them next to the heating devices.


Complete set: different colors figures and molds – 4pcs.; a watering can, a fishing net, an organizer.

For kids above 1.

The package is a net.