Toy “Slide TechnoK”, art. 8058

CategorySeasonal Toys > Slides, Swings
Art. code8058
Weight4500 g
Dimensions123 х 71 х 51 cm
Package Dimensions117.5 х 51 х 29 cm
About Product

The perfect gift for children aged 2 and above is a TechnoK slide. This delightful toy promises to bring immense joy to the child, as they can enjoy sliding all year round. Its compact size allows for both indoor and outdoor use, making it versatile and adaptable to any play space. Assembling the TechnoK slide is a breeze. When in the disassembled state, the ladder attaches to the slide using special hooks, reducing its width to a convenient 24 cm for effortless storage. Safety is a top priority in the design of this product. We ensured its strength and stability by paying careful attention to the connection of its parts. The handles are solid, without any through holes, further enhancing the toy's safety measures. Moreover, we've taken precautions to prevent slipping accidents. The surface of the steps is matte, providing an anti-slip feature that ensures children can climb the ladder confidently and securely.

Instructions Manual