Toy "Xylophone and Piano TechnoK", art. 7907

CategoryEducational Games > Musical Instruments
Art. code7907
Weight436 g
Dimensions21 х 20 х 10.2 cm
Package Dimensions33 х 20 х 23.5 cm
About Product

The story of the toy “Xylophone” comes from ancient times and people from all around the world. The first xylophones appeared 2000 years ago in ancient Latin America, Asia and Africa, but despite its age, this toy remains the favorite one among children above 2. Also children that had a xylophone in their childhood usually become real maestros, performing in the largest concert halls.

Our company offers a modern xylophone to the little ones. The toy “Xylophone and piano TechnoK” combines two musical instruments: a xylophone and a piano with keys. To play with the xylophone you have two special sticks. We recommend this toy for children above 2, but it`s interesting and safe also for younger ones.

Youshouldget acquainted with this toy under adult supervision. Adults should explain how the volume and sonority of the sound depends on the impact strength, and the sound itself depends on the key and the plate, what is the difference among sounds of different keys. Special attention should be paid to the safe use of the xylophone sticks. To avoid injury, sticks should be used only under adult supervision.  

Ourxylophone helps to develop hearing, fine motor skills, coordination of movement and eyes, it helps also to learn colors and counting. If needed, the sticks can be safely fastened in special concavities on the bottom of the toy. So they will always be at “their” place. To help beginners, or even experienced musicians, there is a short instruction for use on the box with the melody of the known “Jingle bells”.

Strong construction and relatively small size of the xylophone permit to carry it on the playground and in the children's room.

The toy is made of strong plastic, without odor. It doesn't need batteries.

The package is a bright semi-opened box.