Toy "Tractor TechnoK", art. 8195

CategoryVehicles > Tractors
Art. code8195
Weight354 g
Dimensions36 х 16 х 16.5 cm
Package Dimensions64 х 37 х 29.5 cm
About Product

The amazing world of construction machinery fascinates both children and adults. Large powerful cars fascinate with their work. They turn impassable thickets and swamps into highways, build tunnels under seas, and build runways in the deserts for future airliners. That`s why toy trucks, tractors, graders and bulldozers should be in every children'scollection and on the construction site.

The construction machinery series TechnoK has a novelty – a glamourous tractor. Every girl will be happy with such a car, it is interesting for all children to play with cars.

The tractor will surely become the favorite toy of every princess and will have a special place in the playing room. It will be interesting to invent new and new games in the sandbox, outside and at home. You can dig and load sand, gravel, or even snow, or other building materials. You can also transport materials for building medieval castles, modern airports and original buildings. All construction work can be done with a large movable bucket with a handle. Strong wheels with treads provide the car with high passability on various roads. So the tractor rides well on grass, sand, and dirt roads.

The toy “Tractor TechnoK” will be a fantastic addition of different role-playing games that develop fine motor skills, imagination, fantasy and help to train coordination. Children develop social and communicative skills playing together.

Specially interesting will be the games with the pink “Tractor TechnoK” and the pink “Dump Truck TechnoK”, art. 8188 of the same series.

The toy is made of durable high-quality plastic, without odor.


For children above 1.