Toy "Tractor TechnoK", art. 7044

CategoryVehicles > Tractors
Art. code7044
Weight400 g
Dimensions39 х 20.7 х 18 cm
Package Dimensions40 х 40 х 37 cm
About Product

Here you are a novelty in the building equipment series. Toy "Tractor TechnoK" is a large roller for asphalt and sand compacting.

The wonderful world of building equipment fascinates both children and adults. Large powerful cars enchant with their work. They turn impassable thickets and swamps into highways, build tunnels under seas, and build runways in deserts for future airliners. That`s why toy trucks, tractors, graders and bulldozers should be in every children's cars collection and on the construction site.

The new "Tractor TechnoK" is a large roller for asphalt, soil and sand compacting. You can organize many different role-playing games both at home and outside. The tractor will come in handy for roads, bridges and parking lots building. With the roller tractor, a child will feel like a real builder.

The peculiarity of this new toy is the movable (hinged) connection of the cab with the engine compartment and the working part (fastening of the roller).As well as modern cars of this type, our tractor can compact not only the asphalt on smooth highways, but also at exits from highways, entrances to yards and can work on small platforms. Big stable wheels permit the tractor to overcome different obstacles. You can put your favorite toy in the comfortable open cabin . You can also open the engine compartment cover and the child can control the motor and carry out maintenance or repair it in time.

The toy “Tractor TechnoK” will be a great present and will have an honorable place in the kids` collection. It`s especially interesting to play with it with other cars of this series like “Dump Truck TechnoK '' art. 6238, art 4852 and tracked “Tractors” art. 6290 and 6276.

Role-playing games develop well fine motor skills, imagination and fantasy and help to train coordination. Playing together children develop social and communicative skills.

The toy is made of reliable high-quality odorless plastic.

For kids above 3.

The package is a net.