Toy "SUV", art. 5477

CategoryVehicles > Sports cars, buses, SUV 4х4
Art. code5477
Weight865 g
Dimensions23.5 х 23.5 х 20.5 cm
Package Dimensions62 х 38 х 25.5 cm
About Product

Here you are the expansion of the line of TechnoK SUVs -already familiar and favorite jeeps now arepacked in bright boxes!

A new car is maybe the most wanted toy for every boy. Children can quickly invent very different games: they can organize fast races with sport cars, begin building work in the sandbox and play other role-playing games like garage, parking or service stations. Trucks can carry different goods and toys, SUVs can be used for exciting off-road adventures.

For fans of big jeeps we offer the TechnoK SUV – typical “ALLROAD” with a spare wheel attached to the rear door. The SUV has big wheels with bright treads that easily overcome various obstacles. In the car you can place small toys and take them with you for a trip. Interesting dynamic design of the SUV will definitely catch children's attention. Colors and bright stickers add special drive to the game - so children imagine themselves as superheroes.

Different role-playing games develop children's imagination, thinking, coordination and fine motor skills. Playing with friends, children improve their communicative and social skills.

Children can play with cars both indoor and outdoor. Having the collection, it`s very interesting to organize races with friends. This fantastic SUV will make every boy happy.

It`s made of safe, high-quality odorless material. The car is durable and reliable.

The toy is for children above 3.

The package is a bright semi-open box, 36.5 х 23.5 х 20.5 cm