Toy "Construction set TechnoK", art. 6818

CategoryConstruction Sets > Construction set with mega blocks
Art. code6818
Weight570 g
Dimensions30 х 23 х 16 cm
Package Dimensions60 х 32 х 40 cm
About Product

The constructor is one of the most popular toys among children of different ages. After all, this is not only an exciting toy, but also a useful development and educational tool. The child can construct a car, a house, a spaceship and also learn to do sums and fractions.

The set includes 50 big building blocks with rounded corners for ships or funny animals. The platform with wheels is a real find. You can build a car, a train or a plane and it will come in handy when designing robots.

The additional images of "eyes"applied by pad printing method on figured elements are an interesting option that adds "life" to the constructor. Assembled fish and flamingos immediately "come to life", it is more interesting for children to play with them and, especially, to talk.
"Construction set TechnoK" meets all safety requirements, the elements have no sharp edges and are odorless. The details have bright colors that do not remain on children's fingers. The blocks are pleasant to the touch, easy to assemble, at the same time the assembled structure is strong and keeps its shape.
The colored step-by-step instruction is a must have, especially when the child gets acquainted with the constructor. Assembling the models according to the instruction, the kids explore the possibilities of the construction set and learn the basics of building figures.

Why are games with construction sets considered to be so useful?

The most important advantage is the development of important skills.

The construction set with different building blocks develops fine motor skills and helps to train coordination of movements. Also, parents, playing with children, teach them new words: names of colors, shapes, animals, buildings and transport. Assembling a whole structure, children develop imagination and spatial thinking. Exciting games with the construction set educate attention, patience and perseverance. Playing together, children develop social and communication skills. They have to cooperate, discuss further steps and agree to solve the tasks.
Try, experiment, make mistakes and redo. We learn through games, creating something new, learning more about ourselves and the world!


The set includes 50 different details.

Packing - a plastic bag.

For children above 2.

Instructions Manual