Toy "Kitchen set TechnoK", art. 7280

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Market > Kitchen sets
Art. code7280
Weight1180 g
Dimensions49.3 х 38 х 12 cm
Package Dimensions51.5 х 38 х 49 cm
About Product

Here you are a mega set of dishes and kitchen utensils for young culinary masters. Delicate colors and an incredibly large and interesting complete set will surely catch the child`s attention. Dishes and kitchen utensils are the first household items that the baby gets acquainted with, because he meets them every day. That is why toy kitchens are so interesting for all children.
The toy “Kitchen set TechnoK '' contains every necessary utensil for dinner preparation. On the tabletop with a gas burner you can prepare delicious dishes for your toy friends. There is a big pan with a lid, a frying pan, different vegetables and boxes with spaghetti.
A very interesting accessory is a strong rack with different kitchen utensils that will always be at hand. A scoop and a skimmer for making the Ukrainian borshch or broth, a spatula for juicy steaks, and a potato masher for delicious mashed potatoes. We also haven't forgotten about desserts - the whisk will definitely come in handy for magnificent biscuits and puddings.
For fragrant cookies lovers there is a baking set. It contains 8 different molds, a board and a working rolling pin. You can make different cookies as you like. Interesting molds are included in the set: a bear, a butterfly and a ducky, a flower, an apple, a mushroom, a heart and a Christmas tree.
Of course, you need to make fragrant tea to serve with your cookies and tasty cupcakes. You can do it in a nice pink teapot, made by the blowing method. Round shapes and smooth lines of the teapot make it similar to a real one, they add beauty to the toy and grow good taste in kids. Ergonomic handle and elongated spout make it easy to use.
After the dinner you have to wash the dishes. You can do it with the sponge in the toy sink with a tap and a movable handle.
The kitchen set is a fantastic present for every child. Such role-playing games develop children's motor skills, imagination and fantasy, thinking, they help to form cooking and cleaning skills and to learn how to behave with kitchen appliances.
Complete set: a tabletop with a sink and a tap, a pan with lid, a frying pan, spoons – 4 pcs., forks – 4 pcs., a knife, plates – 4 pcs., cups – 4 pcs., saucers – 4 pcs., molds of different shapes – 16 pcs., a cucumber, a carrot, an eggplant, a tomato, a potato, an onion, corn, a pepper, boxes – 2 pcs., a rack, a scoop, a skimmer, a big fork, a spatula, a whisk, a potato masher, a board, a working rolling pin, a sponge, a sugar holder with lid, a teapot with lid.
The package is a bright box with a handle (49,3 х 38 х 12 cm).

For children above 3.