Toy "ClockTechnoK", art. 7914

CategoryEducational Games > Educational toys
Art. code7914
Weight236 g
Dimensions29.5 х 26 х 5.5 cm
Package Dimensions50.5 х 26 х 36 cm
About Product

The toy “Clock TechnoK” will definitely come in handy to work with children: it will be useful for parents, educators and teachers. Teaching a child to understand time is a complex process that is necessary in learning about the world around us. The clock TechonK is not only an interesting toy, but also an effective educational tool. It will be appropriate in elementary schools and playrooms in kindergartens. It will be easier and more interesting to do classes with the toy guide. The lessons will be active and useful.

Creating this clock,we focusedour attentionon the requirements of the national program "The New Ukrainian School". On the other hand, according to teachers` opinion, a toy-clock in a visibleplace in the baby's room contributes to the initial development of the child's timing.

The “Clock TechnoK” as real “adult” clocks has an hour and a minute clock arrows. The colorful dial adds clarity and facilitates the educational process. Hours are signed by red numbers and minutes by blue ones.

The peculiarity of this toy is a special mechanism that permits the arrows to move synchronously. When the minutes arrow moves, the hours arrowrotates one hour. You can rotate the arrows with a special gear-handle, which is on the back of the toy, or just move the arrows with your fingers.

The size permits to use the clock both for individual education and for work in the classroom or with a group of kids in the kindergarten. Thanks to reliable and stable legs you can put the clock on the desk or in a visible place in the room, for example, on the shelf.  

The toy “Clock TechnoK” will be a great accessory in children's rooms, clubs and school classrooms.


It is made of high-quality odorless plastic.

The package is a colorful cardboard belt.


For kids above 5.