Organizer TechnoK, art. 7754

CategoryBaby products > Organizers for toys
Art. code7754
Weight168 g
Dimensions23.5 х 20.5 х 13 cm
Package Dimensions57 х 37 х 35.5 cm
About Product

The TechnoK organizer is a great combination of a functional container for storage in the bathroom and an interesting toy.  It is more interesting for kids to play with the organizer in dry pools and in the bath. They can catch toys and balls from the water, gather water or foam.

You can easily wash the toys in the organizer under running water and attach it to the wall. Thanks to the holes, the water drains quickly and the toys dry well. Thanks to this storage, they do not mold, do not get dirty, and are always at hand.

It is also comfortable to keep bath accessories in the organizer.


The toy peculiarities:

specially designed holes of various shapes for draining water and drying toys;

easy fastening to a wall on suction cups (2 pieces are included in the set);

it is made of non-toxic odorless plastic;

the use of only high-quality dyes provides a bright color of the product for a long period of use;


The nominal volume of the organizer is 2 liters.

The package - a cardboard valve.