Toy "Baking set TechnoK", art. 5033

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Market > Kitchen sets
Art. code5033
Weight85 g
Dimensions20.5 х 18.5 х 3.5 cm
Package Dimensions33 Х 20 Х 23.5 cm
About Product

How to spend time with mummy in an interesting and useful way? You can cook something tasty together, but it`s better to bake fragrant cookies. The toy “Baking set TechnoK” will be useful to you.

The set includes everything needed for the first pastry masterpieces: 8 colorful molds, a board and a working rolling pin. You can make different cookies as you like. Interesting molds are included in the set: a bear, a butterfly and a ducky, a flower, an apple, a mushroom, a heart and a Christmas tree.

While baking the child can learn colors, forms and the names of the molds.

Such a toy can improve fine motor skills, memory, attention and communicative skills.

The toy “baking set TechnoK” will help the child to feel like a real confectioner. Cookies with chocolate, nuts or raisins – it`s only your choice!


All the elements are made of high quality and safe plastic, without any odor.


For children above 3.

The package is aplastic bag.