Toy "Snowman set TechnoK ", art. 7730

CategoryRole Play sets > Other kits
Art. code7730
Weight395 g
Dimensions50 х 21.5 х 19 cm
Package Dimensions62 х 34 х 53 cm
About Product

Winter is an incredible fairytale time for all children! Exciting winter outdoor activities unite friends and families.

Do you like to make snowmen and play snowballs? Then our novelty called "Set for the snowman TechnoK", art.7730 will definitely come in handy! This kit has everything you need for perfect snowmen and snowballs.

The shovel is needed to collect more snow and the bucket will be a great headdress for the future snowman. Bright carrot nose, colorful buttons and pad printed eyes will help our hero to come to life. The snowballs maker is for those who enjoy playing snowballs but don't like wet gloves and hands.  
A step-by-step color guide is also included with the toy to make really the best snowman.

The toy is made of durable high quality plastic without odor or sharp edges.