Toy "Mosaic TechnoK", art. 7525

CategoryBoard Games and Mosaics > Mosaics
Art. code7525
Weight420 g
Dimensions28.5 х 20.5 х 4 cm
Package Dimensions42 х 26 х 58.5 cm
About Product

The pixel mosaic is like the embroidery, the picture is laid out on a plastic stencil with small chips of different shapes. The set includes a total of 1188 elements in 9 colors! The size of the smallest square is 4x4 mm. There is also a special tool to help children, which is convenient to remove chips from the stencil. For young artists in the set there is an instruction according to which you can assemble 2 pictures: a bright bee and a princess frog. You can also assemble pictures from your imagination.

The toy "Mosaic TechnoK" is a great game for the development of fine motor skills, attention and memory. When laying out the picture, you need to count each step. This will help children to improve their counting and concentration skills.

The plastic stencil can also be a frame and the finished picture can be hung on the wall and decorate the room.

The package is a bright box in which it is convenient to store all the mosaic elements.

The set includes: a plastic stencil – frame, 1188 elements, a tool to lay the chips and the instruction.

For kids above 5.

Instructions Manual