Toy «Ferry boat TechnoK», art. 6788

CategoryBaby products > Bath toys
Art. code6788
Weight335 g
Dimensions37 х 17 х 16 cm
Package Dimensions60.5 х 17.5 х 40 cm
About Product

We are mooring!Drop the anchor!Lower the ladder!Meet the novelty - the toy "Ferryboat TechnoK".

This isawonderfulcombination of beauty and functionality, like in a real one. This big, durable water transport serves to carry passengers, cars and other different loads. The design of the ferryboat allows it to flow on water and carry the favorite toys. It`s funny to play with it in the bath, at the river or seaside, or even at home.

The ferryboat is equipped with two ladders, for arrival and departure of cars.While moving on water, the ladders can be hidden in the ferryboat body and do not interfere with movement.There are two cars in the set: a sports car and a minibus with "cute" eyes and smiles.These emotions give life to the toy cars and transform them into fairy-tale heroes.

The ferry deck has special places for fixing vehicles while moving on water, the top part has the captain`s cabin, a deck for passengers and a platform for a helicopter.

The toy “Ferryboat with the car set” will surely be liked by your children and will make the water treatments more interesting and exciting. You can choose from two colors: blue and white or red and white. Decks and body are decorated with various shiny and matte elements that imitate the equipment of a real ferry.

Special holes allow you to easily drain the water from the ferry and to dry it. So the toy will always remain clean and safe for the child.

The toy “Ferryboat with the car set TechnoK” is made of durable, high quality non-toxic plastic. The use of only high-quality dyes provides bright colors of the product for a long period of use.

The package is a net with a bright cardboard label.