Toy "Tray TechnoK", art. 7167

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Market > Kitchen sets
Art. code7167
Weight92 g
Dimensions32.3 х 23 х 2 cm
Package Dimensions33х20х23.5 cm
About Product

Rightly chosen toys help children to get acquainted better with the entire world, to learn new things and to develop talents. So it`s important that the toys are understandable and based on familiar things to the child. Kitchen utensils are the first household items that the baby gets acquainted with, as he meets them every day. That`s why the toy kitchen utensils are so interesting for children.

The toy “Tray TechnoK” will be surely liked by children for its bright “tasty” label and pleasant colors.  The tray is absolutely needed by young cooks. It will be useful to set the table for a festive lunch or a morning tea ceremony with dolls and bears.

Such role-playing games develop children's imagination and fantasy, thinking and fine motor skills, communication and social skills.

Special attention should be paid to the exclusive design – the tray is decorated with bright, juicy images of cookies, ice cream and sweets. The illustration is attached with IML technology (direct injection of the picture on the toy). Such a drawing does not lose its brightness and it`s durable, unlike a standard sticker.

Round shapes and smooth tray lines add beauty to the toy and educate taste in children. Gentle shades of pink and beige will fit into every children's kitchen.
It is worth noting that the toy "Tray TechnoK" can also be a great surface for playing with sand, mosaic or other small toys.
The toy is made of durable quality plastic, odorless and without sharp edges.
For kids above 1 year.