Toy "Cookware set TechnoK", art. 7082

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Market > Kitchen sets
Art. code7082
Weight565 g
Dimensions36.5 х 27.5 х 11 cm
Package Dimensions54 х 38 х 37.5 cm
About Product

A great present for your little housewife is the toy kitchen set in a comfortable plate dryer. Bright colors will successfully catch children's attention and diversity of toys will cause real delight.
The set includes everything necessary to cook every culinary idea. There is a pan and a stew pan for delicious “borshch” and healthy vegetables and also a frying pan. A skimmer, a scoop, a big fork and a spatula will make the cooking process more realistic. Children can also meet friends with fragrant tea thanks to colorful cups and saucers.
After a delicious dinner - you need to wash the dishes.
To do this, the set has 2 boxes that imitate detergent and a flower sponge. How interesting it is to put the washed dishes on the dryer - it's the same as mom does.
Such roles – playing games are very important for the children's growing, they help to develop hospitality, imagination and accuracy. They also teach good manners, like cleaning and cooking food or using the kitchen devices.
The kitchen set in the plate dryer will become the little housewife`s favorite toy. It will perfectly complete your kid`s toy kitchen.
All the elements are made of durable high quality plastic, safe for children.
The package is a bright semi-open box.
The set includes: a plate dryer, a pan and a stew pan with lids, a frying pan, a spatula, a big fork, a spoon, a skimmer, a sponge, 2 boxes, 4 cups with saucers and spoons.