Toy "Pyramid TechnoK", art. 6979

CategorySeasonal Toys > Pyramids and molds
Art. code6979
Weight178 g
Dimensions38 х 12 х 11.2 cm
Package Dimensions39 х 29 х 22.4 cm
About Product

The new pyramids in the rainbow colors. The peculiarity of this toy is that all the molds can be put into a square bucket with a handle. So it is easy to carry the toy, to take it for a walk, in the sandbox or kindergarten.
Pyramids consist of seven elements of different colors and sizes. The relief and shape of the elements imitate the towers of a medieval castle - with windows, doors and masonry.
The pyramid is a simple and, at the same time, educational toy. It is interesting to play with it at home and outside in the sandbox. Due to the different sizes, you can assemble a pyramid from a larger element to a smaller one, or vice versa, put everything in the bucket. In the sandbox, bucket and pyramid elements can be used as sand molds to form different sand shapes. Also, with the new colorful pyramids, bathing will be more interesting and diverse.
With such a toy the child will learn colors, sizes and forms, and will get acquainted with counting. Building the pyramids children develop fine motor skills and coordination.
The packing is a net with a bright cardboard label. The toy is for kids above 1.