Toy “Pyramid TechnoK”, art. 6580

CategorySeasonal Toys > Pyramids and molds
Art. code6580
Weight100 g
Dimensions29 х 9.2 х 13 cm
Package Dimensions39 х 29 х 22.4 cm
About Product

The new “Pyramid TechnoK” is a real find for funny and didactic games. The toy includes 7 elements of different size and colors. Every element is an interesting sea inhabitant: a dolphin, a seal, a crab, a turtle, a starfish and a fish.

All the elements can be assembled in a pyramid from the biggest to the smallest one or nested. The size of every figure is proportioned – the largest figure is a shark, the smallest one is a starfish. The colors are like a rainbow from red to purple.

On the top starfish figure there is a mill that rotates when pouring water. Through various sieves at the bottom of each mold water will “escape from the pyramid”. The elements of the pyramid are also good to use as "pasochki", and the sieve at the bottom - as a stamp on the sand.

In addition to entertainment, there is also education. Build and destroy the pyramid, learn colors, sizes, shapes, meet marine life, do first steps in counting and many more ideas that your baby will come up with. After all, such a toy develops fine motor skills, coordination, memory, logic and imagination.

For kids above 1. The package is a net with a colorful cardboard label.