Toy "Workshop TechnoK", art. 5064

CategoryRole Play sets > Sets of tools
Art. code5064
Weight2300 g
Dimensions74 х 46 х 29 cm
Package Dimensions49 х 49 х 59.4 cm
About Product

A real toy Workshop for little daddy helpers. There is a large, comfortable and durable countertop with screw holes and carving, tools set, straps, nuts and bolts - all you need for a young craftsman. There are holes on the countertop for small details, an engraved ruler for quick measurements, and a vice for fixing. The child can place all the items and tools of the kit on the hooks, baskets and shelves. Threaded holes on the surface of the countertop are designed to be bolted to the straps. The distances between the holes in the slats and on the countertop coincide and the workshop becomes a real constructor – the child can not only play to repair things, but also to create new mechanisms.

The set has everything for an exciting game: saws on metal and wood, wrench, angle, hammer, pliers, vice, horn wrench, screwdriver, 17 strips of different sizes, 4 shaped details and angles, 25 bolts and 15 nuts. All elements are made of high quality, odorless plastic.

With the toy Workshop the child will get acquainted with the basic tools and will learn the skills of working with them. Such games develop fine motor skills, fantasy, imagination, diligence and accuracy. TechnoK's Toy Workshop is sure to become the favorite toy for your little ones, allowing boys and dads to have fun and rewarding time.

Dimensions of the assembled toy are 74 x 46 x 29 cm, the packaging is a bright box (57.5 x 48.5 x 15 cm).

There are 9 tools and 61 accessories in the set.