Toy “Doctor's kit TechnoK”, art. 6504

CategoryRole Play sets > Medical kits
Art. code6504
Weight2030 g
Dimensions54.5 х 37 х 37 cm
Package Dimensions38 х 62 х 63 см cm
About Product

Cart with medical tools "Doctor`s kit TechnoK" has everything essential to feel like a real doctor. The trolley may come in handy during story-role-playing games - with the fast and shunting cart the child can also provide the "emergency medical care". The content of the set is impressive: doctor's toy tools, glasses, paper for medical prescriptions, box and jar with pills, a vision chart and even a toy mobile phone! The little doctor doesn’t have to worry where to put all these tools – for this purpose he has a comfortable container with a lid and clicks. 

These games help to develop imagination, thinking and memory, they introduce children to different professions and tools, they teach to be tidy.

The package is a bright box 37.5х20х61,8 cm.