Toy "Metal construction set TechnoK", art. 6412

CategoryConstruction Sets > Metallic construction
Art. code6412
Weight515 g
Dimensions19 х 18.7 х 3.5 cm
Package Dimensions40 х 20 х 21 cm
About Product

The toy “Metal Constructor TechnoK” art. 6412 is from the series of fundamentally new TechnoK metal constructors, which is the result of our designers` cooperation with Ukrainian teachers. The basis of the line is the idea - "from simple to complex".
The toy “Metal Constructor TechnoK” art. 6412 has 193 details which can be assembled into 4 models: grader, mobile crane, helicopter and truck. There are new elements in this set and the models are even more difficult to assemble. This is the level “Junior”.
We suggest to use this constructor both at home or for group classes in kindergartens (from 5 years old) and at elementary school. As known, metal constructors are the best teaching material for improving the practical skills. Children learn to work with tools like a screwdriver and a wrench. Metal constructors also help to improve logical thinking, spatial representation and observation. The creation of their own models is the basis for the development of creative thinking of children and, of course, of organization, consistency in the work. It also promotes the development of fine motor skills. The constructor introduces the child to simple drawings and schemes, technical names of details and mechanisms.
A colorful detailed step-by-step instruction, which can be also downloaded from our corporative site will be helpful for the junior mechanics.
After assembling the models according to the instruction we suggest to try creating your own models. Our video models from YouTube can be also used like educational material. Before creating the model from YouTube just be sure to have enough details for this or that model. It will  be a very interesting amusement not only for kids but also for adults.


Instructions Manual