Toy «Doctor's kit TechnoK», art. 4319

CategoryRole Play sets > Medical kits
Art. code4319
Weight960 g
Dimensions34.5х26х16 cm
Package Dimensions50.5х26.5х36 cm
About Product

Meet the mega cool and the most complete doctor`s kit! At first sight, it is immediately clear that the “TechnoK Doctor`s set” is a kit that has everything you need to make a child feel like a real doctor. It will give lots of positive emotions and useful experiences.
This set has a stylish medical suitcase that has already caused delight among children and adults, complemented by the medical outfit: an apron and a hat with thematic prints.
The suitcase has a designer picture, attached with IML technology (direct injection of the picture on a toy). This picture doesn`t lose brightness and it`s durable unlike a normal sticker.
The contents of the suitcases are also impressive: doctor's toy tools, jars with pills, a vision chart and even a toy mobile phone and this is not the whole list of toys included in the set. Buy the magic medical suitcase, open it and find many interesting and useful tools for doctor games.