Toy «Medical kit», art. 4753

CategoryRole Play sets > Medical kits
Art. code4753
Weight858 g
Dimensions34.5х26х16 cm
Package Dimensions50.5х26.5х36 cm
About Product

Is your child afraid of doctors? The “TechnoK Doctor`s set” will help to overcome any fear and will give lots of positive emotions and useful experiences during the doctor games. The medical suitcase is completed by everything you need to make a child feel like a real doctor.
In the suitcase there are: a stethoscope, a hummer, a thermometer, a syringe, scissors, hot water battle, tweezers, a paper for medical prescriptions, a jar of toy pills, “Doctor`s” glasses and even a special table for vision check.
This table in a great novelty, you won`t find it in the others Doctor’s kits.
Another peculiarity of the toy is that the suitcase has a designer picture, attached with IML technology (direct injection of the picture on a toy). This picture doesn`t lose brightness and it`s durable unlike a normal sticker.
Every toy of the set is made of high quality and safe plastic and has no odor.