Toy «Car TechnoK», art. 6146

CategoryVehicles > Sports cars, buses, SUV 4х4
Art. code6146
Weight445 g
Dimensions38х16.5х12 cm
Package Dimensions61х18х39 cm
About Product

Toy «Car TechnoK»is really incredibly cool. Knowing how children do like it, we wanted to give them another portion of joy and replenished the collection of cool sports cars with new products. "Sunny" yellow, "flaming" red or “snow”- white with silver inserts —  the child will choose the favorite one or will want all three cars at once, to the collection.


Toy sports carts cause enthusiasm of children and love of adults, because they are high-quality, stylish, interesting and ergonomic. They are made of durable, high-quality plastics, do  not smell. Thanks to the large and reliable wheels that are easy to scroll, the toy car easily accelerates and is maneuverable.


Children can play with the sports car both indoors and outside, alone, with yearlings or adults.