Toy «Sand set TechnoK», art. 6016

CategoryEducational Games > Kits for creativity
Art. code6016
Weight936 g
Dimensions25х34.5х7 cm
Package Dimensions54х25.5х36 cm
About Product

What is waiting for the lucky ones who will buy the new “Sand set TechnoK"? A lot of interesting and useful games. The feature of the toy is the kinetic sand that is included in the set. In contrast to the usual one, it better holds the shape, does not stick to hands or working surfaces, and what is not less important the sand  does not multiply bacteria or microbes.


Kids can make original sand figures regardless of the season, weather or availability of a sandbox.


In addition to kinetic sand, the set includes ice cream and fruit molds, a spoon for sand, a tray and a toy knife.


Children will fall in love with the interesting set elements, its functionality and originality. Adults will highlight the high quality and safety of the toy. One more advantage! The kinetic sand is easy to clean, so the "consequences" of children's creativity can be eliminated if necessary in few minutes.