Toy "Kitchen set TechnoK", art. 6078

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Market > Kitchen
Art. code6078
Weight1060 g
Dimensions34.5х26х16 cm
Package Dimensions35х26.5х50 cm
About Product

Now the toy kitchen with dishes is available in a bright suitcase made of high quality plastic. The kitchen set inside the suitcase is the double happiness for the children. Kids will not only play amazing games with the toy kitchen but also they will be looking forward   to discover what is inside the suitcase: namely a toy kitchen, plates, cups, other kitchen tools.


For the children`s comfort the open suitcase's cover can be locked in several positions. Inside the suitcase (on the interior side of the cover) there is an interesting sticker imitating the kitchen shelf.


Thanks to the big and strong wheels, comfortable adjustablehandle and reliable locks the kid can easy transport the kitchen set in the suitcase. 


The small cookers will easy prepare  culinary masterpieces even during their trips.

Complete set: a suitcase , а kitchen worktop, a crane, a saucepan, a frying pan, a lid, two spoons, two plates,  four kitchen utensils.