Toy "Hockey set TechnoK", art. 5576

CategorySeasonal Toys > Sports toys
Art. code5576
Weight140 g
Dimensions73х13.5х7 cm
Package Dimensions35х32х73 cm
About Product
Now the children`s favorite hockey game has become even easier! Meet the toy «Hockey set TechnoK», art. 5576  with a new set: one hockey stick, a puck and a ball.
You need this set if:
  • all your child`s friends have already big hockey sets, and your little one lacks one to play in a team
  • the kid wants to improve his sports skills;
  • you need a reserve toy to the existing set.
In addition, the toy «Hockey set TechnoK» is universal — you can play ice hockey with the puck, and the ball allows you to play the summer variety of hockey on the grass.
Hurry to buy the toy «Hockey set TechnoK» for your kids.
The toy is designed for children older than 3 years.