Toy "Fruit Set TechnoK", art. 6023

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Market > Shopping cart , baskets, market
Art. code6023
Weight300 g
Dimensions24.5 х 16 х 13.5 cm
Package Dimensions54.5 х 41 х 30 cm
About Product

Toy "Fruit Set TechnoK" - it is a toy scales and a set of 7 fruits: lemon, grapes, apple, pear, orange, strawberry and banana.
Such a toy will be interesting for boys and girls. You can play with your friends at a supermarket or learn to weigh fruit. In the toy kitchenfruit and weight are the first assistants for making delicious cakes.
Such games are interesting and instructive for toddlers, help the children learn the names and colors. A toy scales with different weights is an excellent opportunity to practice in weighing.