Toy "Bus TechnoK", art. 5903

CategoryEducational Games > Sorters "Smart kid"
Art. code5903
Weight320 g
Dimensions25.5 х 16.5 х 15.5 cm
Package Dimensions33.5 х 25.5 х 50 cm
About Product

The cheerful "sorter-bus" is an interesting and useful toy for kids. Children can have fun playing with friends at home and outdoors with this bus.
The toy helps the kids to get acquainted with pets and geometric figures. The set contains 4 animal figures and 6 geometric ones. The kid have to pick the right animal, a duckling, a cockerel, a doggie or a horse, and to put it in the special hole on the roof of the bus. For geometric figures, there are holes on the body and on the door of the bus. The sorter-toy develops the baby`s fine motor skills, coordination, logic, attention and fantasy. The game with the "TehnoK Bus" helps children to study colors, to distinguish geometric figures, and to remember the names of the animals.
There is also a hole for the rope in front of the bumper -so that the favorite toy will always travel with your baby.
The toy is suitable for children over 1 year.