Toy "Ambulance TechnoK", art. 4579

CategoryVehicles > Cars 30.5 cm
Art. code4579
Weight600 g
Dimensions32.5 х 20 х 19.5 cm
Package Dimensions60 х 42.5 х 34 cm
About Product

The most humane profession in the world is the profession of saving people. Save everywhere - in the mountains, on the road, in extraordinary conditions, at night and day. Therefore, many boys and girls dream to become doctors and help people. They will like our ambulance, on which they can get home to their favourite pups and take them to the hospital.


Children can open and close the doors in this car, on the side and front panels of the cabin there are blue flashlights. From the ambulance you can get a real litter for the patient who needs to be immediately transported to the hospital.