Metallic construction set "Military TechnoK", art. 3862

CategoryConstruction Sets > Metallic construction
Art. code3862
Weight1110 g
Dimensions27 х 22.5 х 8.5 cm
Package Dimensions54 х 24 х 32 cm
About Product
      Set "Military TechnoK" - a new generation metal set. Special feature of the toy - video aided instructions with model construction tips. Your QR-code and TechnoKToys channel on YouTube can be found  on the package.
     For example, you begin with a model “Tank”. Needless to say you may count on the coloured instruction, though viewing step-by-step video is much more illustrative and helpful and you can stop playing any moment.
     Accomplish this you need to scan your QR-code/above mentioned and to choose video for the appropriate model on the TechnoKToys channel on YouTube, in this particular case – art. 3862. There you’ll find an interesting promo-material with models from this set. The construction set comes with a silver coloured plastic case with a snap. 
Instructions Manual