Toy "Doll's Bed TechnoK", art. 4494

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Furniture > Doll Furniture
Art. code4494
Weight630 g
Dimensions45 х 26.5 х 24 cm
Package Dimensions54.5 х 33.5 х 33 cm
About Product

   Toy "Doll’s Bed TechnoK " was awarded in the category “The best action game of 2017 in Ukraine” on the annual international exhibition «Baby EXPO». Contest jury’s attention was drawn both by design of the toy and a full set, that is a bed and a three-piece bed-linen set – a sheet, a pillow and a duvet.

    You may use this toy for the Barbie size dolls, the most popular size in the world, that is 25-30 cm (12 inches according to international classification). The set is done in soft colours and packed in a flamboyant carrier gift box.  On the cover there is an assembly instruction.