Toy “Kitchenware set TechnoK”, art. 4449

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Market > Kitchen sets
Art. code4449
Weight790 g
Dimensions36х26.5х18 cm
Package Dimensions53 х 37.5 х 37.5 cm
About Product

The kitchenware set in a large comfortable basketis a real finding for little housewives. Bright colors and different dishes will surely catch children and parents` attention.

The set includes everything for preparing delicious dishes and meeting guests. Big pans with lids, a stewpot with lid and a frying pan for different culinary masterpieces. A skimmer, a scoop and a spatula will make the process more realistic. You also have a coffee-pot, 4 cups with spoons on saucers to please guests with fragrant coffee.

All the toys are settled in a large basket with two handles. You can take the toy with you and organize a real pick-nick for friends. At home the basket is also useful to store the toys in the children's room.

The kitchenware set in the basket will become the housewife`s favorite toy. It will perfectly complete your child`s toy kitchen. Housewives will prepare with joy tasty borshch, juicy steaks and other culinary masterpieces.

Such role-playing games will help to develop hospitality, teach to be tidy and neat. Children can also learn the basis of serving and cooking. Games develop coordination, imagination and thinking.

Pay attention, the toy is just for kids. We are worried that parents will also appreciate the size and convenience of the basket and will quickly find it useful in the household. The basket is convenient to take for a walk in the park or for mushrooms in the forests. 

All the set elements are made of durable, high quality odorless plastic, safe for kids.

The set includes: a basket, two pans with lids, a stewpot with lid, a frying pan, a spatula, a big fork, a skimmer, a scoop, a coffee pot with lid, 4 cups with spoons on saucers.