Toy "Ride-on TechnoK", art. 3848

CategoryRide-ons > Toddlers ride-on cars
Art. code3848
Weight1360 g
Dimensions57 × 47 × 26 cm
Package Dimensions81 × 58 × 26 cm
About Product

Toy "Ride-on TechnoK" - for clever little "drivers". It surelywill attract parents` attentionand also kidswill love it. T he car is reliable, durable, practical and comfortable. The ergonomic design is suitable for babies above 1. The backrest provides extra support for children while riding. There is a signal button on thesteering wheel to alert pedestriansand other drivers. So the driving gains maximum realism. The toy "Ride-onTechnoK" will become a reliable friend for your kid and will bring muchpleasure during games at home and outside.


Maximum load 20 kg.

For kids above 1.

The package is aplastic bag.