Metallic construction set "Air transport TechnoK", art. 1042

CategoryConstruction Sets > Metallic construction
Art. code1042
Weight830 g
Dimensions31 х 24.5 х 4.5 cm
Package Dimensions54 х 32 х 24 cm
About Product
     Basic advantage of the toy- metallic details of various collours. Unique feature – plastic case for storage the set dismantled. With this set your child develops fantasy, creating various models and  obtaining practical skills to work with metalware, so useful later, in adult life.  
    Instruction to the metallic construction set "Air transport TechnoK" contains description of 8 models:
      - air-plane,
      - helicopter (model №1),
      - fighter-plane,
      - aeroplane,
      - seaplane,
      - helicopter (model №2),
      - air-plane (model №2), etc.
    Basically, everything your child’s fantasy needs…
Instructions Manual