Metallic construction set "Super Universal TechnoK", art. 0939

CategoryConstruction Sets > Metallic construction
Art. code0939
Weight1485 g
Dimensions30×17.5×4.5 cm
Package Dimensions36.5×30×19 cm
About Product

Tradition of metal constructions originates from far 18th century. Plenty of inventors, mechanics and engineers was grown with these construction sets. Thanks to this toy, boys (and even girls!) gain their first skills of connecting parts with bolts and nuts, develop their fantasy and spatial intelligence. 

"Superuniversal TechnoK" (337 parts / 15 models) - metallic construction set with design possibilities expanded through interesting colored plastic parts. A characteristic feature is an extremely wide variety of components and a plastic case for storage of the disassembled parts.

With this construction set a child can develop imagination through making different models and get practical skills of working with metallic products that will be useful in adult life.

From the elements of the set you can assemble 15 different parts according to the instructions.

Instructions Manual