Toy "Dinnerware set 3 TechnoK", art. 0700

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Market > Crockery "Marynka"
Art. code0700
Weight100 g
Dimensions18×18×10 cm
Package Dimensions39×39×29 cm
About Product

Well chosen toys help children to get better acquainted with the world, to learn new things and to develop talents.
So it`s important that theyare understandable and based on familiar things to the child. Dishes and kitchen utensils are the first household items that the baby gets acquainted with, as he meets them every day. That`s why toy kitchen sets are so interesting for kids.

The toy “Dinnerware set 3 TechnoK” is a great product for young housewives. The set includes everything to prepare the most tasty dinner for toy friends: a pan for soup and a frying pan for juicy steaks.

Different role-playing games develop children's imagination and fantasy, thinking and fine motor skills, communication and social skills.

The toy is made of durable high quality odorless plasticwithout sharp edges. Package – a net.

Dinnerware is a great toy for future hostesses. The set consists of 2 cups, saucers and spoons, a frying pan and a saucepan.