Toy "Kitchen 10 TechnoK", art. 2155

CategoryKitchen, Tableware, Market > Kitchen
Art. code2155
Weight1740 g
Dimensions60 × 36 × 18.5 cm
Package Dimensions61.5 × 61.5 × 37.5 cm
About Product

Rightly chosen toys help children to get acquainted better with the whole world, learn something new and develop talents. It is important that the toys are understandable and made similar to the known things to the child.  Kitchen utensils are the first household items that the child meets in the house, as he meets them every day. That’s why kitchens and kitchen utensils are so interesting for all children.

Toy “Kitchen 10 TechnoK” will permit children to feel like real chefs. The kitchen has two burners with rotating handles that imitate the switching-on of gas, hooks, shelves for plates, a big oven with door. The set includes different utensils and plates to prepare healthy food and serve a festive table. 

The original kitchen legs with two cupboards make the toy resistant to overturning and very functional.The height of the assembled kitchen is 60 cm, and the width of the tabletop is 36 cm.

The toy “Kitchen 10 TechnoK” is a great product for role –playing games. They help to develop coordination, fantasy, communication and thinking, they also teach good manners, like cleaning and cooking food or using the kitchen devices. 

The toy is made of non - toxic safe, durable and odorless plastic. The high quality dyers provide a bright color for a long period of use.


The package is a bright box with a handle.

In the complete set you also get 2 cups, a saucepan, a teapot and kitchen appliances. The oven door opens.