Home slide for kids.


Exciting video on the Youtube TechnoK.


All children are incredibly restless. Active and moving games are especially interesting for boys and girls.

For kids above 2 the home toy “Slide TechnoK” will be the best present. This toy will bring a lot of joy, as kids can slide every season. In summer the slide will decorate the yard and will become the main toy. In winter its compact size allows you to use the slide in the room.

The slide TechnoK is easy to assemble indoors or at the playground, and, if necessary, disassemble and pack. When disassembled the ladder is attached to the descent on special hooks. In this form, its width is only 24 cm, so the slide is convenient to place near the wardrobe or in the closet.

Designers and engineers of our company worked accuratelyon this product considering all the parents and educators` comments, requirements and standards. The construction of the product is extremely strong and stable. We paid special attention to the connection of product parts. In order to avoid places of potential danger, we designed an one-piecedescent. After all, according to parents` comments, the most common breaking happensat the junction of the upper platform and the descent. Another pointthat causes fear in parents isthe holes in the handles. The child can start the descent without taking his hand out of this hole and get injured. TechnoK slide handles are one-piece, without through holes. The surface of the steps is matte to prevent slipping when climbing theladder.

Attention! Do not leave the child without adult supervision. We invite parents, educators and everyone that will look after children to ATTENTIVELY read the instructions for use and STRICTLY follow the requirements and recommendations! You are responsible for the child`s health.

The toy is made of durable and high-quality plastic, without odor.  The slide doesn't have sharp edges. Bright dyes do not burn out at the sun and provide a bright color of the toy for a long period of time.

Size of the assembled toy: height – 123 cm, width – 51 cm, length – 120 cm.

Descent length – 80 cm.

For children above 2. The maximum load is 20 kg.

The package is a cardboard box 117,5х51х29 cm.