Spielwarenmesse 2019

This year the TM TechnoK (the “Intelkom” company trademark known by customers) takes part and represents Ukraine for the fourth time in the international toy exhibition Spielwarenmesse (Toy Fair Nurnberg),which started on the 30th of January in Nurnberg.
This magnificent and bright event in the world of toys was born in 1949 and it has been the exposition №1 for 70 years. New toys are presented here and new business contacts are signed, ideas and experiences are exchanged here, trends are formed and the conditions of play in the market of the toy industry are set. History, present and future of toys are interlaced here.
For few days 170 000 m (the exposition area) become useful and font of inspiration for the leaders in toy industry, for new companies and original startups, for independent traders, for media and other players in the toy market.
Interesting thinks: the first exposition emblem, the city tower with initials, did not last long. From the second time it was changed with a new one – Victor Kaltenbach combined the image of a rocking-horse toy with the Nuremberg image symbolized by the city tower. Since then, the children's horse (with various modifications) has become a widely recognized symbol of the world's largest toy exhibition.
Spielwarenmesse today is more than 70 000 visitors from 130 countries, it`s more or less 1 000 000 of goods, among which 120 000 are exclusive novelties and 2 902 exhibitors, among which 895 are not present at any other exhibition.