«The best toy 2019»

The Ivano-Frankivsk company “Intelkom”, that gives joy to children all over the world, won one of the most prestigious competitions in Ukraine.  The competition, called “The best toy 2019”,  takes place within the international forum of goods for children “Baby Expo” and it`s a kind of litmus test for manufacturers of such products. Here the choice is between the best ones.
Goods for children have to be perfect! The competition jury choose the winners very carefully and “Intelkom” toys (TM “TechnoK”) meet all the stated criteria: they are high quality toys, safe and interesting!
So it`s not a surprise the Toy "Kitchen set TechnoK" conquered jury`s and audience`s hearts. It also conquered winner places in two nominations: the first place in the “Best Toy for role playing games” nomination and the second place in the “Audience Sympathy” nomination.
It is worth noting that our company takes part in this exposition the twentieth time this year and regularly wins in competitions. Such victories are the evidence of high quality, they also positively influence the company image, help to hold leading positions in the domestic and world toys markets and give joy to millions of children.
TM "TechnoK", we think about children.