Toy "Mosaic TechnoK"

We bring to your attention a mosaic that will become an irreplaceable toy among loving and responsible parents, because it combines many interesting and useful things. Children will fall in love with this toy for the variety of colors and interesting playing elements, they will develop fantasy and imagination. Adults will note the educational and developmental effect of this mosaic. Also, at first sight just a simple toy, it helps children to become more attentive and perseverant, it trains memory and develops fine motor skills.
The “Mosaic TechnoK” has 36 elements: 26 buttons and 10 special stencils. The buttons are not only colorful, they also have different form and two of them have eyes. Therefore, after the baby makes the mosaic, the animals in the pictures "come to life".  You can store all the mosaic elements in a comfortable suitcase, which also serves as a playing field.

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