Toy "Watering Can TechnoK"

For the beginning of the new gardening season everyone needs to upgrade equipment. So for our little helpers we released a new toy - "Watering can TechnoK" (Art. 5668).
This toy is made by high quality plastic materials. The speciality of the watering can is its extremely comfortable ergonomic design: easy to poor water inside it, because the hole is not covered by the handle. You will absolutely like the two handles – one handle makes the carriage of the can with water easier, keeping two handles it is easy to water the plants.
However, every mum wants to test the toy before giving it to the baby. You have to pay attention! We noticed that some mums after testing these toys didn`t give back the can to the child. To avoid such cases we recommend to buy two watering cans – one for the child and one for the mum and everyone will be happy!
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