Toy "Dump Truck TechnoK"

The amazing world of construction machinery fascinates both children and adults. Large powerful cars fascinate with their work. They turn impassable thickets and swamps into highways, build tunnels under seas, and build runways in the deserts for future airliners. That`s why toy trucks, tractors, graders and bulldozers should be in every children'scollection and on the construction site.


The new “Dump Truck TechnoK” is a powerful construction machinery for quarry work and on the construction site. The car has a swivel cab and a large hinged body, which makes the dump truck extremely mobile and suitable for work in particularly difficult conditions.


A unique feature of the dump truck is a powerful manipulator-loader with a double-leaf bucket, which will come in handy when working with crumbly building materials. Loading with sand or gravel can be made without the help of excavators and other tractors thanks to the manipulator. Many of our real construction companies dream of such a car! The manipulator rotates around its axis and moves up and down.

The bucket can be opened by the button on the body. The bucket leaves are tightly compressed and hold the sand securely, thanks to the springs. Games with the dump truck with the manipulator will become especially interesting.


The volume of the body is 3.0 dm3 and children can transport sand and stones. Lateral unloading allows you to use the toy in limited areas.


The powerful wheels made by the blown method, provide the dump truck with a quiet course and high passability. The cabin has a convenient carrying handle. The openedand ergonomic salon invites the driver to work. The toy has an interesting futuristic design.


With such a dump truck children will enjoy games in the sandbox with friends. They will invent different role-playing games with the other TechnoK toys, especially with a variety of tractors and excavators.


For children above 3.

The package is a net.


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