Toy «Construction set TechnoK»

Charming heroes, made by the elements of the Premium series construction set, will become a bright addition to the New Year`s decorations. 


This is your favorite construction set with a transparent cover, decorated with a New Year`s IML sticker. 

Holiday heroes have special color schemes. The set includes enough elements to make a Christmas tree, a Snowman, Santa and Reindeer at the same time. Stickers add a festive mood to the figures: eyes, a button and balls, a beard, a nose.


All elements are packed in the suitcase, in which it is convenient to store and transport toys.

A detailed instruction scheme will help children while assembling. 

The constructor is one of the most popular toys among children of different ages. After all, this is not only an exciting toy, but also a useful development and educational tool. The child can construct a car, a house, a spaceship and also learn to do sums and fractions.

Why are games with construction sets considered to be so useful?The most important advantage is the development of important skills.

The construction set with different elements develops fine motor skills and helps to train coordination of movements. Also, parents, playing with children, teach them new words: names of colors, shapes, animals, buildings and transport. Assembling a whole figure, children develop imagination and spatial thinking. Exciting games with the construction set educate attention, patience and perseverance. Playing together, children develop social and communication skills. They have to cooperate, discuss further steps and agree to solve the tasks.

Try, experiment, make mistakes and redo. We learn through games, creating something new, learning more about ourselves and the world!


The New Year's construction set in the suitcase is a mega gift for every kid.

Complete set: a suitcase with a transparent cover, 87 construction elements, a set of stickers, instructions.

For children above 3.


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