2 new models in line "Cars 30.5 cm"

The set of our cars “Titan” is enriched with new toys.

1.    The toy “Police TechnoK”, art.4586 EAN code 4823037604586. In the transport packaging (60х42,5х34 см)there are 6 toys. The weight is 580 g.

This toy will become irreplaceable for you child. The child can reproduce our real life with its difficulties and dangers. It`s true that children can feel the danger of terrorism from their first days of life. Heroes safe the life and can prevent criminals. These heroes are an example for the kids, a symbol of victory of honor and justice in their adult life.

2.    The toy "Ambulance TechnoK", art. 4579, EAN code 4823037604579. In the transport packaging (60х42,5х34 cm) there are 6 toys. The  weight is 595 g.
The most humane profession in the world is the profession of saving people. Save everywhere - in the mountains, on the road, in extraordinary conditions, at night and day. Therefore, many boys and girls dream to become doctors and help people. They will like our ambulance, on which they can get home to their favourite pups and take them to the hospital.

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