Toy "Metal constructor TechnoK"

The tradition of metal construction sets has its beginning in the far 18th century. Many generations of famous inventors, mechanics and engineers grew up with these toys. Thanks to them, boys (and even girls) acquire the first skills of connecting parts with screws, nuts, working with a screwdriver and keys. With their own hands they build real models that “work”: different automobiles, helicopters, cranes, tractors, trains, trucks, tanks, motorcycles and a lot of other vehicles.

Games with a construction set:

  • Increase children’s interest to machines and mechanisms;
  • Give the basis to understand the interaction of different parts;
  • Introduce technical names of details, simple drawings and schemes;
  • Develop skills of logical thinking, space imagination, attention and fantasy.


Metal construction sets are used in elementary school lessons, as kits with various connection methods (NUS). The latest method of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), which is getting popular, actively uses such constructors in the educational process. For example, you can assemble a model of a molecule, a flower, a windmill or a dinosaur. The child not only gets acquainted with the new directions of development of exact sciences and engineering, but also learns to implement the learned in practice.


The metal construction sets TechoK are distinguished by their high quality and variety of details, they also have an interesting combination of metal and plastic parts. Every set includes a screwdriver and wrenches for assembling the models. Young mechanics will be helped by a colourful, detailed step-by-step instruction, which can be also downloaded from our corporation website. Special attention should be paid for the detailed video instruction on our YouTube channel. 


Also the little discoverer can make his own interesting assembly options and models. Creative work is the basis of the development of a child's creative thinking. Games with the TechnoK construction sets will bring a lot of benefit and will be interesting not only to children, but also to adults.


The advantage is its metal details of different colours. Thanks to them the child can develop fantasy, assembling different models, and obtain practical skills of work with metallic product, that will come in handy in adult life. 


The instruction has a description of 6 different models (225 parts).

The package is a bright box.

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