Board game "Children Monopoly TechnoK"

Board games are a good opportunity to spend funny and useful time with friends and family. For children, it is also an opportunity to develop important skills and abilities: ingenuity, purposefulness, attentiveness and logical thinking. These are the first steps in understanding and building a strategy, calculating the opponent's moves. Feeling the joy of victory and losing with dignity are also important skills for adult life.

The rules of kids` monopoly are the same as the classical ones. Players collect money, buy real estate and do different financial operations. There is toy money and different playing cards in the set.

The bright children's design of the field and cards attracts the players` attention, and the exciting spirit of the competition does not let the participants go, sometimes for several hours.
"Children Monopoly TechnoK" is a very exciting family board game that will allow you to feel like a real businessman.

Complete set: playing field, money set, ownership cards - 22 pcs., "Budget" cards - 19 pcs., "Chance" cards - 19 pcs., ownership chips - 88 pcs., playing chips - 4 pcs., playing cubes - 2 pcs.

For children from 6 years old.

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